According to scientific evidence, the vast majority of people lose at least one permanent tooth due to accident, gum disease, failed channel treatment or excessive tooth decay. As the age progresses, the number of teeth I have lost increases and you are able to reach full toothiness.

Aesthetic Dentistry Today, besides the discomforts of the teeth of the individual, the esthetic demands go to the dentist. Individuals are not satisfied with the appearance of gums when they are laughing (Gummy Smile), because their teeth are irregular, and therefore

Orthodontic treatment is a treatment method aiming to correct diagonal and diastolic teeth as well as to remove discordance in teeth, chin and face. In addition to the aesthetic problems in teeth, Bruises, discomfort in the gums and subsequent bone loss, as well as mouth odor.

The period of mixed teeth following the dairy teeth and teeth is the period when child development is most active. The first dairy tooth lasts at the 6th month, and from the 6th dairy teeth the dairy teeth leave their permanent teeth. This formation lasts until the age of 12

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MSc. Dt, Alp Arslan. Since 1997 has been conducting clinical and surgical studies in Istanbul. All these studies continue in the form of a professional team work which is also met by the sub-disciplines of modern working and multidisciplinary methods.

3A Dental Clinic School Dental Practice in 3 different academic disciplines on the same patient who is already accepted in all academic studies; And to monitor patient satisfaction with the results. The inclusion of all of the ORAL DIAGNOSIS methods together with SURGICAL-TREATMENT and PROSTHODONTIS, which are complementary disciplines of the dentist profession, allow the treatment to be carried to higher success. In this way, all planning, surgery, treatment and result of pro

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3A Dental Personalized patient care is what sets 3A Dental Clinic apart. When you visit one of our four İstanbul locations you can expect to receive world class care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional patient care is what sets Medicus Medical Center apart health care experience.

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