Teeth Treatment with Laser

With the development of technology, laser has become an integral part of dentistry and has taken its place in almost every treatment method
Dental laser can be applied to both soft and hard tissues in dentistry. Diode lasers are only lasers designed for soft tissue and have no effect on hard tissue. With diode laser;
-Channel disinfection,
-Gingival pocket disinfection,
-On biopsy and cauterization,
-Treatment of oral lesions,
It is used in the treatment of pigmentation of the gums.
The use of dental lasers is a great advantage for patients and medicine. Surgical procedures provide the opportunity to perform in an environment without hemorrhage, while the patient also provides a comfortable and rapid healing period by minimizing the risk of complications such as swelling and pain after the procedure.
During the operation, only contact with the relevant region is ensured and no vibration is generated. This allows the patient to be treated without disturbing the patient and without anesthesia.
It is possible to get results in as little as 4 minutes during tooth whitening. Tooth whitening agents are exposed to this laser beam in the shortest time, reducing the sensitivity of the process to a minimum.
The use of lasers in canal treatment has put an end to the use of canal irrigation agents by opening a new era in canal treatment. In this treatment, as a result of the use of laser, intra-duct disinfection is fully realized, while the overflow from the apical region of the irrigation agents has been removed at risk and the complication is reduced at risk.
Dental laser technonogy has become an integral part of dentistry today, which brings the comfort and treatment results of patients to the highest level

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