ResTorative Dental Treatment

ResTorative dental treatment has a wide range of applications ranging from protective dentistry to cleaning and restoring deep caries to fissure coverings. Symptoms and radiographs taken from the patient can be used as a result of symptoms such as dysuria size, nerve touch sensitivity when decaying the dental caries. In this case, the cavities formed after the tooth decay are cleansed are restored with the tissue-friendly and aesthetic composite or porcelain. In the past, these types of teeth were restored with a material called ‘Amalgam’ which was not aesthetically pleasing to silver and containing copper and zinc and which did not fit the elasticity of the teeth. Nowadays, composite and porcelain materials are used which are biocentric, aesthetic and feminine elastic. Restorations made using composite and porcelain materials can be easily applied to the front teeth.
With the restorative treatment we have both prevented the progression of rot, and we have also recovered from the symptoms (pain, mouth odor, etc.) and also have an aesthetic appearance


Restoratif Diş Tedavisi    Restoratif Diş Tedavisi

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