Periodontoloji (Dişeti Hastalıkları ve Cerrahisi)Periodontology is a science that aims at the treatment of connective tissue that surrounds the teeth and jawbone and keeps the teeth in the jawbone.
Mild periodontal disorders start with ‘gingivitis’. If this condition is not treated, the disease progresses to periodontitis in the future. As a result, tissue loss in the gums, withdrawals and resorption of the alveolar bones begin to occur and we are faced with a table that is no longer recyclable. As a result of this table, the teeth start to swing and may even go as far as the teeth.
In the early period of gum disease, treatment involves removal of the appendages (plaque and dental calculus) on the teeth and providing a smooth root surface. This allows removal of bacteria and irritants that cause inflammation in the gingiva. Generally, this treatment is sufficient to adapt the gingiva back to the tooth or to shrink the gingiva to eliminate the pocket.
In the majority of cases in the early stages of gum disease, daily effective oral care is sufficient for successful treatment following removal of plaque, removal of the plaque and ensuring a smooth root surface. More advanced cases may require surgical treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to remove the tooth stones in the deep periodontal pockets surrounding the intended teeth, to eliminate the pocket, to provide a smooth root surface and to form a gum form that is easier to clean.
Patients should be regularly examined by the dentist after periodontal treatment, plaque control and removal of new tongue deposits from the environment. But it should not be forgotten; It is very important for the person to effectively apply daily oral care to maintain the achievement of periodontal treatment

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