Pedodontics (Infant Dentistry)

çocuk diş hekimliğiPediatric dentistry is the science that controls the completion of the formation of the dairy teeth and new permanent permanent teeth in this period until the completion of the permanent dentition period (0-13 years) in children, as well as the problems that occur in teeth during this period (bruises, trauma or anomalies) .
Milk teeth are very important in terms of feeding your child. Especially the front teeth are very important for your child to speak correctly and also for the psychology and appearance of the child. Milk teeth are the guide for permanent teeth. In the early milk tooth loss, firstly the forming gap will begin to close and then the permanent tooth from below will not find a place to run. For this reason, the child will see a complicated tooth. For this reason, the teeth of the milk should be frequently controlled by the physician and necessary treatments should be done.
To prevent premature loss of teeth and dental caries, children should be encouraged to brush their teeth at an early age. There is also great benefit in applying to your child in preventive and preventive treatments such as fluoride application and fissure sealant

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