Oral Implantology

According to scientific evidence, the vast majority of people lose at least one permanent tooth due to accident, gum disease, failed channel treatment or excessive tooth decay. As the age progresses, the number of teeth I have lost increases and you are able to reach full toothiness.
This situation affects the ability of people to chew, speak well and laugh negatively. Therefore, quality of life is reduced.
In today’s dentistry, instead of dental implants, the best solution is to replace missing teeth. You ask why?
• If it does not work, does it not work?
• Bone loss also declines with the dentist’s progressive dental implant application over time.
• Long-term success is higher than with other treatment options.
As it is in the whole world, dental implants have been applied for more than a quarter of a century and have been created by indispensable analysis of university dentists in private dental dental centers, polyclinics and examination rooms.
After the time required for the bone and fusion of the titanium implants placed in the bone in the operating theater is completed, the planned prosthesis manufacturing processes are started. There may not be enough bone volume to allow implant placement on the patient’s bell. You have to make an implant because of bone loss after tooth extraction, and what you need to look for is that it does not damage the anatomical formations. I can do this, technologically, such situations can be optimized.
The success of the implant treatment is well established, the operating room environment compliant with sterilization and disinfection rules, the specialist physician and the operation team are influencing the use of the implante brand, which has been experienced for a long time. It is then that the patient grows too little into oral hygiene and does not disrupt his check-up appointments on a regular basis, when he is done.
oral implantoloji
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