Endodontic Treatment (Canal Treatment)

Endodontic treatment (canal treatment); A periapical lesion, or trauma resulting in inflammation of the nerve touching the nerve or necrosis, resulting in the filling of the vascular nerve pouch in the root canals of the tooth with biocompatible materials. This procedure removes the discomfort given by the femur instead of pulling the tooth and provides the functional use as the old tooth.
We restore the root-canal treated tooth with restoration materials. Resistance to stresses is reduced in teeth with root-canal treatment. If this problem is deemed necessary, we solve it with ‘fiber post’ material placed in the channel.
Darkening of the tooth color can be observed at a later period in a dentist who has been treated with a channel. The reason for this is that the canal-treated teeth lose the water in their internal micro-channels. In such a situation, we can turn the old toothpaste into the old tooth with the in-the-loop whitening method called ‘Walking Bleaching’ or ‘Intracoronal Bleaching’. Endodontic treatment – canal treatment
With the development of technology, duct treatment is more effective and takes less time. While canal therapy may be the only one to be screened, in some cases these sessions may be 2 or 3. This is related to the symptoms that are completely annoying

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