Dentomaxillofacial Radiology

Ağız, Diş ve Çene RadyolojisiThe first approach to good treatment is to determine symptoms. Based on the information provided by the patient, many helpful methods are used to determine the correct diagnosis after learning symptoms. The most important of these methods are radiological applications.
Panoramic radiography (orthopantomogram) is an auxiliary method used to determine the size of tooth decays, changes in the jawbone, tooth apse, implanted teeth, jawbone, and fractures of the maxillary sinuses and sinus problems in 2D.
Digital media compatible programs are used to display panoramic radiographs. With the program we use in our clinic, we can determine the dimensions of the cysts that occur in the jawbone or tooth root, as well as determine the size and diameter of the implant to be placed on the jawbone before implant surgery. These diagnoses greatly increase the quality and speed of the treatment to be performed.
Regional radiographs are preferred in order to obtain more detailed images on the findings that are suspicious on panoramic radiographs. These radiographs are called ‘periapical radiography’. Periapical radiography provides more detailed, millimetric radiographic images.
In order to determine the correct treatment method, it is first necessary to examine the symptoms and then determine the correct diagnosis. Today, among the auxiliary methods used to determine the correct diagnosis, digital radiography methods are the methods that give the most accurate findings to physicians. In our clinic, this method is applied technologically at the highest level and professionally

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