Health Tourism


Health tourism is travel that people make in order to get their health.
We follow scientific publications closely with developing treatment applications in the world; We provide qualified treatment methods for our domestic and international patients with the equipment of the ages and specialist physicians. Treatment expectancies of our overseas patients are usually; Implant, Prosthetics, Aesthetic Smile Design, Gingival Disorders and Whitening Treatments. All treatments we make are covered by our warranty and we provide a lifetime guarantee for implant treatment.
The fact that our country has been offering quality health care services in recent years, has more economical treatment fees than many countries and that health technology is being followed more closely than European countries is a priority case for the selection of foreign patients in Turkey. Turkey is naturally and culturally rich, and it has a significant impact on having a common history with many countries.
First of all, our patient should have a panoramic x-ray at any place in his country and send it to our physicians by e-mail. By reviewing your X-ray, they prepare a treatment plan that will give you the first physical examination about diagnosis and treatment planning. With this plan, you will be informed about the financial statement and the average duration of treatment.
Optimal treatment planning for your treatment is presented to you with all the alternatives. The most appropriate one is decided by phone call or e-mail and the date of appointment is determined. Our doctors can guide you about treatment according to your stay in Turkey.
In Turkey, this treatment can be made more cost-effective than European countries, including accommodation, flight and healthcare.
In order to use your time in the best way, you should inform our physicians about your stay in Turkey and stay true to the appointment times you have given. During the course of treatment, you should be conscious of all the responsibilities for the outcome of your treatment under the control of our physicians

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